About Us

At our Happy Harbor Restaurant in Rowland Heights, we take pride in being the finest Chinese dining destination in town. Our specialty lies in crafting the most authentic Dim Sum, all meticulously HANDMADE by our master chefs using only the finest natural, premium ingredients.

What sets us apart is our exquisite range of SLOW-COOKED SOUPS, a true culinary masterpiece. Our LIVE seafood dishes and BBQ are equally exceptional. We are committed to delivering a truly MSG-FREE dining experience.

When you dine with us, you'll be enveloped in an ambiance that exudes classical Oriental charm, making for a truly immersive experience!

凯悦大酒楼位于罗兰岗,是本地最好的中餐餐厅之一,我们为此感到自豪。 点心是我们餐厅的特色之一,所有点心均由我们的主厨使用最优质的天然优质原料精心手工制作。

我们的独特之处在于我们精美的靓汤系列,这是真正的烹饪杰作。同时,我们的现做海鲜菜肴和烧烤同样出色。 本店菜品不含MSG。


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